Services For Homes

Services For Homes

A part of our mission at Hope Squared Foundation is to financially assist any organization that supports young girls in at-risk pregnancies. Our financial efforts include seeking grant funding as well as awarding grants to eligible organizations.

Grants Awarded

In April of 2012, Hope Squared announced it’s inaugural grant recipient. The Foundation Awarded a Challenge Matching Grant of $25,000 to St. Child at their annual banquet. The challenge was not only met by the banquet guests, but by the end of the night, St. Child had raised over $100,000, allowing them to move into their new facility in Beaverton, OR.

In 2013 Hope Squared was privileged to award grants to 5 maternity homes in the Portland and SW Washington area for a grand total of $15k in cash and $15k in kind donation. The homes put the funds directly to use for various needs such as Financial Educational materials with the intent of teaching the girls personal financial management, a basic skill that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Some used the funds to organize group and individual counseling for past physical, sexual and emotional abuse in an effort to help these young women take steps toward healing. Finally, Hope Squared was fortunate enough to facilitate an “in kind” donation of building materials so a Beaverton area maternity home could expand to meet their current needs.

In 2014 our donors and supporters continued to show their dedication to pregnant teens in the Portland and Vancouver area. Hope Squared secured approximate $30k to be distributed to local maternity homes. Program support continues to be the biggest need. Counseling for the teen mothers as well financial assistance programs wherein the residents apply for money to help pay for the program costs are among the list of needs conveyed in the grant applications we receive. Others seek to broaden their social media exposure to seek out their own financial sustenance and continue to raise awareness of the need for pregnant teen support. Hope Squared is honored to be a part of these success stories.

In 2015, by the generosity of our donors and supporters, we had our largest grant-making year to date, supporting women in crisis pregnancy in the Portland and Vancouver area, and even providing support in Bend as well. Hope Squared distributed more than $33k to local maternity homes, including distributing funds to assist in opening a new facility and providing funds to re-open another facility that had closed (in Washington County and Clark County respectively). One of our grants covered 100% of the year 1 operating costs for the maternity home re-opened, one covered furniture purchases and other outfitting needs of the new home opened, and other grants provided matching funds for existing maternity homes’ fundraising efforts to stay in operation. Opening additional capacity to serve pregnant teens, while also providing funds to help other maternity homes in the area, helped us serve the Hope Squared mission in such a foundational way – thank you to all of you who helped make that a reality!

Hope Squared approved and provided an off-cycle emergency grant to Saint Child in the form of a matching grant. Hitting an unexpected loss of long-time funding, Saint Child needed immediate gap funding, and Hope Squared was able to partner with the Saint Child Board of Directors to lead the emergency appeal and keep Saint Child available as an important resource for women in crisis pregnancy in Washington County. Thank you to the support of Immix Law Group and the broader Saint Child and Hope Squared communities for making this possible, and thank you to Saint Child for never giving up HOPE!

Hope Squared has made two grants thus far this year, in both cases to increase capacity. One grant went to Mom’s Place, to assist with added facilities so that Mom’s Place can serve three more women at a time. The other went to Saint Child, to support Saint Child’s current programmatic work with the Murdock Trust for increased donor cultivation and giving capacity.


Hope Squared made a $10k grant to Grandma’s House.


Hope Squared made a $5k grant to Saint Child.

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