10 Years of Hope For Two

The last few years have brought numerous updates to Hope Squared, from new team members to new services, updated branding, a new website, and now, the launch of our blog!  As we near the organization’s ten-year anniversary this December, we remain committed to our foundational mission of supporting pregnant young women and the organizations that support them.  And our vision is to transform crisis into hope for two.

When The Hope Squared Foundation was formed in 2011 in Portland, Oregon, the immediate focus was on helping to raise funding to keep open and even help open maternity homes.  For many young women, such homes were the only safe location where they could reside during their pregnancy and with their babies.  Funding for the homes was a difficult problem, however, and several homes closed.  Hope Squared initially launched to help avert this funding crisis and many donors stepped up so that Hope Squared could provide an inaugural grant to a maternity home for $25,000 as part of a larger raise which allowed the maternity home to move into a new facility.  Over the years, Hope Squared has continued to raise funds for grants to homes through grants, requests, and events, including golf tournaments, poker tournaments, and other social outings.  And we’ve made grants to maternity homes in the Portland metro area, Southwest Washington, and Central Oregon, and we’re also looking to expand to assist homes throughout the northwest.

As our organization has grown, the ways in which we have sought to fulfill our mission has grown too.  In addition to being a resource for homes on any number of issues and continuing to be a source for grants to maternity homes, Hope Squared has a certified Rent Well instructor.  Rent Well training helps to teach on how to be a successful renter. Hope Squared also offers Financial Beginnings courses, which teaches individuals how to proactively improve their finances. Further, Hope Squared has partnered with the Community and Shelter Assistance Corporation of Oregon (CASA) to assist with Individual Development Account (IDA) program administration.  IDAs are matched savings accounts that build the financial management skills of qualifying Oregonians with lower incomes while they save towards a defined goal, and Hope Squared is working to bring this particular program to women in crisis pregnancy.  And across all services, we’re looking to increase our impact throughout the states of Oregon and Washington.

We are excited by where we’ve been, and even more excited for increasing the impact of Hope Squared.  Our board will continue to explore ways we can achieve that, and we will be sharing updates on this blog.  We hope you’ll watch this space and join in on this journey – thank you for your support!