Wholistic Care Brings Hope For Two

One of our board members had the opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony for a young mother from one of the maternity homes that Hope Squared supports.  That organization provides not just shelter, but also wholistic care for young women and their infants.  It was powerful to witness the concrete impact that the organization has had in the life of this woman and her child.  It was rewarding to directly see the impact that Hope Squared has, as we have supported the home for a long time in various ways, including grant funding and by providing financial literacy classes directly to women in the home.  Perhaps even just as significantly, we journey with the residents and team of that organization.  We let them know that they are seen, they are important, and they are highly worth being invested in.  All too often, the most vulnerable populations among us draw only negative attention, or no attention at all.  By being present, which we can all do in some form and to some degree, we are helping to create more hope.  As the seasons change and we transition into the fall, let’s all be thankful for the hope we hold, and be ready to share that hope with others.